Income Goal #1 – $10 a Day x 3

So much internet success can leave you feeling…. Not so much jealousy… but inaqedant for sure.

I’ve had success granted it was in 2004 and I was so incredibly young. I had 2 small children and the thought of going back to work ripped my heart out in ways I just can not explain. So instead I taught myself everything I could about web design and internet marketing. My first site was much more of an asset then I realized at that particular time. However I was young and did not know the importance of a dollar. It was a hugely popular site and it showed me the in’s and outs of running a website. I did eventually sell the site and the new owner made a few small tweaks and had a hugely profitable website what felt like overnight. Talk about realizing a mistake was made! Again in the start of my online career I had much less to go off of when it came down to expected and realistic success. Had I known what I know now. I would still own my site and proudly have made all necessary changes to have kept my idea alive.

For my next project I did create a membership site that had 10x the amount of success. So I guess in retrospect I did have a glam up… That is how that slang term is used these days correct? πŸ˜‚πŸ€·

I have had many successful sites and not so successful sites. Having my know how does not make things easier… It kind of stings of failure. I often ask myself why can’t you just do it?

I know all the important stuff .. so why am I not succeeding?

Why am I not like all the other gurus? I can play pity party me all I want. The honest truth is alot of the greater parts of life are wasted on the young.

After having 4 children I have battled many issues in life. Some take away all drive. All ambition. Others keep me distracted because let’s be honest being mommy to 4 kids IS A JOB.

I know that my reasons and justifications are certainly not fabricated but it does not really help even being remotely self aware.

I realize the reason hubby and I are not drinking mimosas right now with a spread of way expensive chocolates and cheeses is because I DO NOT PUT IN THE WORK.Β  Well that and I’m blogging at 1am in the morning right now.

My husband is asleep like a responsible adult. But I digress….

I’m not doing it. Plain and simple. I love to design and create. Sometimes so much so I would much rather design all day and get paid instead of worry about pinterest, facebook, content and more.

It makes sense in 4th grade my mom would get a call home everyday complaining that her daughter ignores her teacher because I would much rathered be immersed in a good book. That was me…. I am so that girl.

And today it shows.

But it can’t anymore. I simply can not sit on my knowledge any longer.

On this site you will find fun funky content for your blog. Incredibly gorgeous feminine WordPress Themes and me ranting about all the extra steps of trying to kick off my business & keep it running.

So why $10 x 3 as the heading? I’m diving in to build 3 businesses in the next 365 days. My first goal is to get each business to earn $10 a day organically.

My background lies in membership sites. Not organic traffic, AdSense or affiliate income. So I want to hit my measly goal because the idea of a site organically building itself through building daily techniques speaks to me.

So as I journey into the unknown to keep myself accountable I will be sharing EVERYTHING including if I have failed or succeeded in my original goal. As I tick off each goal I will update with a new one.

Maybe some day I’ll shoot for the moon type goals…. Oh wait I already am… But I will be sharing it slowly but surely with you.

You will get the nitty gritty details. A step by step of things that bomb and things that fly.

I’m big on design so my first steps are content and graphics. I am breaking up my workload into small achievable goals because knowing me I’ll focus on the design aspect and act like the content part is the pink elephant in the room.

I am also using lots of time saving tricks because my original ideas have each of my 3 sites sitting at over 5000 pages each. Being a dreamer is a blessing and a curse!

No matter how many times I break down the numbers for +5000 page websites it seems unfeasible… Atleast in this life time anyway!

So I guess it is really going to come down to the grind.

My ultimate goal is to be one of those trendy 6 figure gals.

I feel 6 figures as my target goal is a nice fair amount. Ideally I would like to do it in 6 months but I’m open to 1 or 2 years. It’s the journey right? Not always just the destination!

Regardless of my goals, aspirations, πŸ”₯ or drive it really comes down to getting to the hard work and tackling it.

If you have read this far I applaud you. Again this is a HUGE way for me to stay accountable.

If you somehow find it helpful. Awesome! So I guess let’s get to that whole working part.

I hope you and I both make it to the other side of the 6 figure income.

Cheers to us for starting πŸ’—πŸ’ͺ